Honey Adulteration 2.0

May 20, 2022 | News from the lab

Unauthorized Addition of Products for Quality Manipulation

The detection of unauthorized additions of various sugar syrups from different sources (corn, rice, sugar beet, sugar cane, wheat, etc.) has been the focus of honey analysis for years. In the meantime, however, these foreign sugar, additives can be detected very well with the available analytical methods, whereby modern analysis by means of NMR or LC-HRMS has proven to be particularly powerful for this detection.

Such sugar syrups are used according to experience in an order of magnitude of 10-20% or higher and must therefore also be able to be detected in this range by laboratories. However, the situation is quite different with new types of products on the market which are “merely” used in the range of less than 1% in order to already significantly influence certain quality parameters in honey.

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